Cumberland Culture

Honor, Readiness, Victory, Loyalty (and Teamwork)

Everything at Cumberland hinges on the foundation of our Core Values.

Each Cumberland employee strives to live our Core Values day in and day out. We treat our customers, our vendors, our partners and our coworkers with honor, readiness, victory and loyalty. Our culture is built on our Core Values.

Our Core Values are so pivotal to our culture and how we strive to be successful each day that we have annual Core Value Awards Ceremonies to highlight the work and efforts by each and every one of our nominees.


Core Values

  • Honor – We honor customer relationships by providing world-class service.
  • Readiness – We use all available resources to ensure that we are always ready to address any and all customer concerns and demands.
  • Victory – When our customers win, we win.
  • Loyalty – We aim to foster customer loyalty by upholding our core values and by keeping our brand promise.

Core Brand Promise

  • Access to Technology – Along with an unwavering commitment to provide the highest level of service possible, we must make technology available to our customers that enhances and personalizes their experience and makes them want to come back. This includes simplifying self-service elements as well as automated processes.
  • Continuous Improvement – Today’s customers expect their brands to constantly strive to make their decisions and daily lives less complicated than before. By constantly refining processes and customer interaction, we are more likely to foster a closer and deeper working relationship with customers, increasing our chances of winning their appreciation and dedication.
  • Flawless Execution – From answering the phone to closing a deal, the smoother and more seamless everything feels to the customer, the more they become attached. Flawless execution is more than just responding to customer needs; it’s also about anticipating and addressing needs they don’t know they have. Flawless execution builds value in the brand and confidence in the hearts and minds of customers.

A note from Marketing Director:

As the marketing director, I’ve found myself in many marketing roles where the company I’ve worked for has wanted to use the phrase We’re Like Family in recruiting materials.  I, personally, have never felt that statement to be more true than at Cumberland.  There are two things I routinely say to people about working here – First is that if I ever had a true emergency, the first people I would call are coworkers. The reality is that we ARE like family.

The second thing I tell them is that I’ve never worked for another company where employees who have left, HAVE COME BACK to work for us. Routinely. I once heard from one of the returning employees who said, “Over there, I was just a number – Here they really give a [crap].” He used more colorful language.

I think I can speak for many of my coworkers when I say I am proud to work for a company that strives for this type of culture, where we know we are all on the same team and work towards the same goals day in and day out.

Our executive team reviews our employee benefits every year to make sure we are competitive in the market and making the best decisions for our employees, their families.  Managers routinely review and discuss employee development and are mindful about growing employees’ careers and opportunities. We highlight employee achievements with awards and recognition and give credit where credit is due.  And we have a leadership development program open to anyone with interest.

This is truly, a one-of-a-kind environment built on our Core Values. We sincerely hope you’ll consider applying to be part of our team.

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