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Commercial truck ownership is getting more challenging and costly to manage every day. For most well-run businesses, leasing is a superior financial and operational alternative. Idealease offers a variety of comprehensive support services that allow you to manage your business more effectively and hassle-free than ever before.


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Our locations employ experts in every area of commercial truck rental services and leasing in the Nashville, Tennessee area and beyond. We professionally guide you from the very beginning of the process by taking your specifications and designing the right truck for the job. We work with you through the lifetime of the truck lease or truck rental, and then begin the process again with your truck replacement. Because Cumberland Idealease of Nashville harnesses a variety of professional resources, our customers see a difference in their service level and bottom line.

Full-Service Lease

Lease vehicle specifications are carefully designed to meet the demands of the application, driving efficiency up and driving costs down. Idealease can provide you with more insight into the advantages of truck and box truck leasing for your company. We’ll gladly develop a customized program to suit your business requirements!

Idealease sets the industry standard for commercial truck rentals and transportation solutions that save dollars and make sense for your business. We believe our customers deserve the most professional and rewarding experience possible. By delivering more in everything we do, every day, we create that experience.

Get the vehicle specs you need, predictable costs for all vehicle maintenance, Priority Service and Roadside Assistance.

Benefits of Full-Service Truck Leasing:

1.      Idealease Allows Private Fleets to Focus on Their Core Business
Idealease customers spend their time, cash and resources on their core business. They understand, and appreciate, that Idealease’s core business is maintaining trucks.
2.      Full-Service Truck Leasing Results in Priority Service
Companies that own their trucks spend a great deal of time waiting for their trucks to be repaired. Idealease customers benefit from Priority Service. Our customers who have leased trucks and box trucks have their vehicles repaired the moment they pull into special, designated Idealease Service Bays. We know that downtime is expensive to our customers so we help them keep it to a minimum.
3.      Leasing Helps Private Fleets Keep More of Their Money
Idealease customers do not make down payments, tie up their credit lines or pay the entire cost of the vehicle. By leasing their trucks from Cumberland, clients benefit from better cash flow.
4.      Leasing Allows Private Fleets to Maintain a Consistent Budget
Idealease customers benefit from consistent operating expenses over the length of their truck lease contract. Operations personnel can accurately budget their transportation expenses years in advance.
5.      Leasing Provides a Single-Source for All Your Transportation Needs

Idealease customers benefit from having a single supplier for all of their transportation needs. No more paying multiple suppliers for transportation services!

Dedicated Maintenance

Ideal Maintenance is an important management tool that helps to trim fixed costs while assuring the efficiency of your transportation department. A dedicated maintenance program with Ideal Maintenance delivers you a variety of benefits and advantages. More than just simple preventative maintenance services, Ideal Maintenance gives you peace of mind through a variety of products, services and support programs for your truck lease or truck rental.

Ideal Maintenance Services

• Parts and labor
• Preventative maintenance programs
• Tire repair and replacement
• State and federal inspections
• Priority service at all Idealease locations
• Idealsafe: Safety and compliance training
• Idealnet: 24/7 emergency road service

Additional Maintenance Options

• Mobile maintenance
• Substitute vehicle
• Vehicle washing
• Fuel tax reporting
• Fuel purchasing programs

Other Services

• Dedicated contract logistics
• Customized vehicle specifications
• Preventative maintenance
• 24-hour roadside service with IdealNet
• Safety and compliance
• Fuel tax and licensing
• Local decisions
• Priority service
• Facility takeover

Idealease Safety Bulletin

  1. “RED FLAG” Driver Violations
  2. An Aging Driver Force
  3. 50th Anniversary of the Three-Point Safety Belt