Full Service Equity Lease

The perfect solution for companies that must own their vehicles for tax purposes. Retain tax ownership and establish equity in your fleet while receiving all the benefits of a Full Service Lease.

Ownership Plus!

Do you own your own commercial trucks but need the predictability and convenience of full service lease support?

With our Full Service Equity Lease, you retain vehicle ownership (and benefit from IRS accelerated tax depreciation rules (in the U.S.)). Plus you get fixed and guaranteed monthly maintenance costs on all preventive and predictable maintenance parts and labor, along with comprehensive preventive maintenance support and Priority Service at more than 430 Idealease locations.

Benefits of the Idealease Full Service Equity Lease:

When you lease commercial trucks from Idealease, you get a great truck, backed by superior service.

Cumberland Idealease has a convenient location in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Conserve your credit line. Use the Idealease line of credit and conserve your credit lines for revenue producing assets. With an FSEL, no capital outlay is required—and there is no down payment of any kind. Lower your current monthly FSEL payment by trading your existing vehicles to Idealease.
  • Receive Priority Service at more than 430 locations. Your vehicle will receive immediate service in dedicated service bays where expert technicians are ready to diagnose and repair issues if a mechanical failure occurs. With Idealease Priority Service, Idealease customers have experienced over 98% vehicle uptime since 2005.
  • Get Fixed and Guaranteed Maintenance Costs. The comprehensive maintenance program includes all predictable maintenance parts and labor and all predictable tire repair and replacement. Get the lowest life cycle costs on a consistent monthly basis.
  • Other Support Services. Including IDEALNET, Idealease’s 24-hour emergency roadside assistance service, vehicle inspections and Mobile Service.
  • End of Term Options. When the final equity payment is made, the vehicle title is transferred to you. At the end of the term, you may trade the vehicle and replace it with a new truck or tractor.

Get the best of both worlds with an Idealease Full Service Equity Lease that gives you the benefits of tax ownership with the convenience and support of a Full Service Lease. A full service equity lease from Cumberland Idealease in Nashville, Tennessee allows you to pay even more attention to serving your customers and growing your business.

Get predictable costs for all vehicle maintenance, and stay compliant with all current motor vehicle safety requirements with a commercial truck equity lease from Cumberland Idealease. Cumberland Idealease delivers a superior level of expertise, responsiveness and commitment to our customers. Cumberland Idealease has a convenient location in Nashville, Tennessee.

All Idealease vehicles are supported by unmatched technical expertise throughout our extensive network of locally owned and operated Idealease companies. We are committed to safety and quality. Count on Idealease for cost-effective and responsive support anywhere, anytime. Idealease is by your side for the short trip and over the long haul.