FOR SALE: Vintage Restored 1936 International Harvester C30 Pick Up Truck

Jun 5, 2018International, Nashville, News

FOR SALE: Vintage Restored 1936 International Harvester C30 Pick Up Truck – Call Neil Huffines for more information: 615-3309245

See our 1936 IH C10 Pick-Up Truck at our 1901 Lebanon Pike dealership! It’s on display with the ’52 110.

The following is from the archive:

We have a 1936 IH pick-up truck! Mac brought it up to Nashville from Florida. The truck was in bad shape when we first got it: engine parts were rusted and non-vintage taillights had been installed, among other deterioration and expected wear and tear. Cumberland employees disassembled the vehicle and learned that they had a giant jigsaw puzzle on their hands. No manuals were readily available to demonstrate how this IH was supposed to fit together. An expert was enlisted to fabricate specialized pieces that are not built anymore. It’s safe to say that the project was larger than originally anticipated, but as of today, the vehicle is operational! This is a huge accomplishment, and one our team should be proud of!

About the C-30

The C-30 was introduced in 1933, to replace the A-3.

The C-30 was powered by the new International HD-3 213ci 79-hp L-head 6-cylinder engine, which replaced the old Lycoming 224 ci six. The C-30 also had an International-built 4-speed transmission and spiral-bevel rear axle, the 1933-34 had mechanical brakes, the 1935 and newer had Bendix 4-wheel hydraulic brakes. The CS-30, brought out in 1936, was the same basic truck except for its 2-speed rear axle. In mid-1937 the dramatically restyled DS-30 replaced the CS-30. (Source)

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