C10 - 6th Run MPG Stats - Nashville's Fuel Efficient Fleet Truck

It’s been a few weeks since our last update… And for good reason!

Over the last 10,686 miles, NextGen C10 has had its BEST test run to date averaging over 9.5 MPG.

The 6th Test Run took NextGen C10 to Mississippi, South Carolina, California and throughout Tennessee.

Driving Fuel Economy averaged 9.65 MPG while Top Gear Fuel Economy averaged 10.18 MPG!

NextGen C10 continues to improve through its test runs and is already back on the road again beginning its next venture.

See the MPG stats for Run 6 (Click Here).  

See all MPG stats (Click Here).

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What’s the C10?

Finally, if you did not see the driver’s feedback from several weeks ago week, check it out here. This is great feedback from a driver who has 20+ year experience. With all the positive feedback from the last video, we hope to provide more videos in the future.