Round 1 of the Race to 10 MPG has been completed and results are best to date for NextGen C10!

James Thorne, veteran driver from Sharp Transport, was able to reach 9.86 MPG overall fuel economy. Thorne’s 5,421 mile journey started in Tennessee and ran to California roundtrip, as well as, an additional trip to Chicago, IL and finishing with a heavy load back to Tennessee.

Thorne ran NextGen C10 in top gear 89% of the entire trip while average 11.06 MPG while in top gear. What may be an even more impressive statistic is the 3% idle time during this trip. This is extremely low and contributes to maintaining great fuel economy at all times.

Even though Thorne merely missed the 10 MPG mark, he feels confident that if he had NextGen C10 again, he would blow the 10 MPG goal out of the park. Other positive feedback from Throne was how driver friendly the dash was in the International LT and how quiet the cab was compared to trucks he has ran in the past.

While in our C10 feedback meeting with Sharp Transport, Thorne stated; ‘The more I ran the truck, the more comfortable and confident I became running NextGen C10, I wish I could run it again and break the 10 MPG barrier’.

Overall, NextGen C10 has 55,296 miles and has an overall fuel economy of 9.31 MPG. Click on the link below and look for yourself what the ECM reading says!

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