The annual DOT Inspection is required of all CMV’s that have a GVWR of 10,001 lbs or more, as defined in the definition of a CMV in CFR 390.5 for interstate carriers with US DOT operating authority. For INTRAstate operators check with your state carrier enforcement for adoption of this federal regulation. CFR 396.17 requires that all CMV’s that meet the above definition be inspected annually, according to Appendix G of the FMCSA regulations. Click here to access Appendix G. A motor carrier shall not use a commercial motor vehicle unless each component identified in Appendix G has
passed an inspection at least once during the preceding 12 months and documentation of such inspection is on the vehicle. The documentation may be:

The inspection report prepared in accordance with CFR 396.21 or other forms of documentation, based on the inspection report (e.g., sticker or decal), which contains the following information:

  • Date of inspection
  • Name of Motor Carrier
  • Address of the motor carrier or other entity where the inspection report is maintained
  • Information uniquely identifying the vehicle inspected if not clearly marked on the
  • Motor vehicle
  • Certification that the vehicle has passed an Inspection in accordance with CFR 396.17

Motor Carrier record keeping requirements for periodic inspections are found in CFR 396.21. The qualified inspector performing the inspection shall prepare a report which:

  • Identifies the individual performing the inspection
  • Identifies the motor carrier operating the vehicle
  • Date of the inspection
  • Vehicle inspected
  • Vehicle components inspected
  • Describes the results of the inspection
  • Includes the identification of those components not meeting the minimum standards set forth in Appendix G.
  • Certifies the accuracy and completeness of the inspection as complying with all the requirements of CFR 396.17

The original or copy of the inspection report shall be retained by the motor carrier or other entity that is responsible for the inspection for a period of fourteen months from the date of the inspection report. The
original or a copy of the inspection report shall be retained where the vehicle is either housed or maintained. The original or a copy of the inspection report shall be available for inspection upon demand of an authorized Federal, State, or local official.