Benefits of Full Service Commercial Truck Leasing

Feb 11, 2020Idealease, News, Trucking

It’s a new year full of opportunities, and Idealease has a great way for you to get 2020 off to a roaring start. Together, let’s put a big victory in the win column and set the tone for the year. Improve service to your customers and the bottom line of your business with Full Service Truck Leasing from the experts at Idealease.

The Basics Benefits of Full Service Truck Leasing

We all know of the obvious benefits that come from switching from an ownership model to Full Service Leasing:

  • Free up more of your cash
  • Increase your fleet’s uptime
  • Stabilize transportation costs
  • Superior vehicles, service, and support

Our industry is moving quickly and changing fast. In order to continue to deliver the best outcome for your business and your customers, Full Service Leasing from Idealease is the solution that makes the most sense and provides the biggest advantage.

  • Did you know Full Service Leasing won’t require you to pay for trucks in advance?

  • Did you know maintenance costs will be guaranteed as part of the lease?

  • Did you know since 2005, our lease customers enjoy 98% vehicle uptime?

You do now.

And, if you are in the U.S. and need to keep ownership of your fleet to take advantage of the IRS accelerated tax depreciation rules—we’ve got you covered with our Full Service Equity Lease.

What’s Included?
With either a Full Service Lease or Full Service Equity Lease, you will also receive:

  • Priority service at more than 290 locations
  • 24/7 roadside assistance program
  • Access to our Mobile Service (we come to you!)
  • Discounted and replacement rental vehicles
  • Our fuel program with tax reporting
  • Vehicle licensing and permitting
  • State and federal inspections
  • Safety and compliance consultation and training
  • Built-in truck disposal or end-of-lease options

Some reluctance to embrace this change is certainly understandable. Not owning your fleet requires a very different mindset than our industry has ever known. But why let a “business as usual” attitude keep your company from being more efficient, more successful, and from embracing a cutting edge and modern approach that saves everyone time and money?

Smooth Transition

We will work directly with you to make the transition from ownership to full-service leasing as smooth as can be. Together we’ll determine whether a Full Service Lease, a Full Service Equity Lease, or maybe just the standalone Dedicated Maintenance program is the best fit for you—it’ll keep your service costs predictable even if you still own your fleet.

Speaking of fleets, let’s see what you’ve got. How old is it? How many trucks need replacing? We can buy your old units and exchange them for new ones, or we can buy your existing trucks and lease them back to you.

If any trucks need replacing, we’ll consult your drivers and fleet/logistics managers to make sure we provide the right equipment for any job you’ve got. And, before and after the wheels begin rolling, we are always available to answer any questions and are eager to walk your entire team through all of our available support services.

Let’s Get Started

The myth that commercial truck leasing is an expensive proposition is just that; a myth.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that transitioning from fleet ownership to Full Service Leasing can be extremely beneficial to your business and your customers—so, why wait? It’s an easy opportunity to take advantage of, and a very easy way to positively impact your bottom line.

We’re the experts and we’ve got the answers.

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