We’re always looking for helpful tools to measure the overall impacts of the C10 truck. The EPA has a tool on their website to calculate your Diesel Emissions Quantifier (DEQ). Use it to understand your current fleet’s emissions profile and how fleet upgrades will impact your emissions.

The tool provides an interactive, web-based platform to,

  • Evaluate diesel projects and upgrade options for medium-heavy and heavy-heavy duty diesel engines.
  • Estimate baseline emissions, reduced emissions, cost effectiveness for NOx, PM5, HC, CO and CO2, and PM-related health benefits.

Calculate Your Emissions Now

Our Responsibility – Reducing Diesel Emissions

Cumberland takes Environmental Stewardship seriously. We want to protect the environment to the best of our ability.  The C10 truck is a win for the environment, reducing diesel emissions with every mile driven.

Our goal this year is to compound this reduction by upgrading all fleets in middle Tennessee.