Do You Allow Your Drivers to Take Passenger with Them While They Drive?

by Aug 18, 2021Idealease, News, Safety, Truck Driver Safety

Some companies as a way of retaining drivers will allow them to take a spouse or child along with them while they are driving.  This practice has been around for years, however, you as the motor carrier must provide written authorization to have a passenger with your driver.

Here is the FMCSA regulation and guidance:

§392.60   Unauthorized persons not to be transported.

(a) Unless specifically authorized in writing to do so by the motor carrier under whose authority the commercial motor vehicle is being operated, no driver shall transport any person or permit any person to be transported on any commercial motor vehicle other than a bus. When such authorization is issued, it shall state the name of the person to be transported, the points where the transportation is to begin and end, and the date upon which such authority expires.
(b) No written authorization, however, shall be necessary for the transportation of:
     (1) Employees or other persons assigned to a commercial motor vehicle by a motor carrier;
     (2) Any person transported when aid is being rendered in case of an accident or other emergency;
     (3) An attendant delegated to care for livestock.
     (b) This section shall not apply to the operation of commercial motor vehicles controlled and operated by any farmer and used in the transportation of agricultural commodities or products thereof from his/her farm or in the transportation of supplies to his/her farm.

Question 1: Does §392.60 require a driver to carry a copy of the written authorization (required to transport passengers) on board a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV)?

Guidance: No, the authorization must be maintained at the carrier’s principal place of business. At the discretion of the motor carrier, a driver may also carry a copy of the authorization.

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