Check it out – one of our parters, EcoFlaps wrote about our partnership:

Cumberland International, located in Nashville, Tenn., wanted to prove a 10+ miles per gallon truck was achievable to utilize affordably on a day-to-day operation. Cumberland’s Fleet Team of Patrick Mendenhall and Matt Smart are doing just that by allowing fleets to demo possibly the most fuel-efficient class 8 truck on the road. Cumberland has dubbed their truck the C10, giving credit to Cumberland and the chase for 10 miles per gallon and beyond.

Mendenhall states, “The partnership between Cumberland and Eco Flaps is second to none. We consider Eco Flaps a standard product on all of our aerodynamic trucks. We feel that giving local fleets a chance to demo our NextGen C10 truck is changing the thought process of decision makers when it comes to how they operate their own fleet. It’s great to know that running more fuel-efficient trucks is helping fleets be more cost-effective and keeping our environment beautiful at the same time.”

The C10 was aided immensely by the decision to install Eco Flaps. Getting rid of traditional solid mud flaps, Eco Flaps reduce 9 sq. feet and 15 lbs. of aerodynamic drag per flap. Their molded, wing-shaped channels move air through Eco Flaps’ ventilated surfaces with less resistance, thus reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency. And when water moves through those channels, it passes through a dead air zone before dropping to the pavement. This flow-pattern feature significantly reduces road spray compared to traditional mud flap design. Eco Flaps help make the roads safer both for professional drivers and motorists.

What’s more, not only are Eco Flaps the only SmartWay-verified splash guards, thus helping carriers become complaint with the Phase II GHG rules, they pay for themselves very quickly with fuel savings. Eco Flaps have been proven to save fuel in real world conditions as well as track and wind tunnel tests.


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