The fifth test run may be the most impressive run to date…

First, we were able to get our International LT C10 into a 900 truck fleet that does not run International trucks. After all, our goal is to have customers and potential customers run the C10 to help educate themselves while making truck purchasing decisions. Hopefully, this sheds some light on what Cumberland, International, Cummins and Eaton have done to put a great truck in the market.

Second, the fifth C10 demo ran a total of 5,444 miles, making multiple roundtrip runs from middle Tennessee to Canton, Mississippi. Typically, the fleet running this route averages 7.5-7.8 miles per gallon on this roundtrip run. The C10 was able to complete multiple runs with an overall fuel economy at 9.21 MPG. That’s nearly 1.5 MPG better roundtrip. I can only image what the fuel savings of 1.5 MPG would do to any fleet’s bottom line.

The biggest number that stands out is the driver spent 79% of his time in top gear and averaged 10.43 MPG!

Finally, if you did not see the driver’s feedback from last week, check it out here. This is great feedback from a driver who has 20+ year experience. With all the positive feedback from the last video, we hope to provide more videos in the future.

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