Fourth Run MPG Stats

Consistency… That’s what can be said about the 4th test run for NextGen C10.

NextGen C10’s 4th test run was a West Coast trip from Jackson, Tennessee and a regional run from Jackson, TN to Mississippi. The fuel economy over 4,813 miles averaged 9.2 miles per gallon. While NextGen C10 was in top gear it averaged 9.74 mpg. The two trips combined spent half its time in cruise control and averaged 9.3 mpg.

Over the 33,671 miles of life NextGen C10 has ran, the fuel economy average is 9.2 mpg. While in top gear, NextGen C10 has an average of almost 9.9 mpg! Keep in mind; fleets running NextGen C10 are using their own driver(s), trailers, routes, freight, etc. This makes an extraordinary 9.2 mpg average that much more impressive.

Cumberland’s Fleet Team cannot be happier about the consistency of 9+ mpg in the first 30,000+ miles. If you look in our C10 archives of our original demo truck (RX C10) the average at 30,000 miles was about 8.25 mpg. RX C10’s fuel economy was more erratic from test run to test run vs NextGen C10. Teams at Navistar, Cummins and Eaton deserve credit for changes they have made to make a good product even better.

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