Well, we’re so happy you asked. We happen to know how you can get 10 (or more) mpg with your whole truck fleet.

Cumberland International Trucks partnered with Sharp Transport to do just that.  Some of the secret sauce is our C10 truck.  It’s an International LT with some bells and whistles we’re not going to share here.  But there is no doubt that Sharp’s expert drivers had a huge role to play in the #RACEto10MPG drive campaign we undertook. Make no mistake, you can get 10 Miles Per Gallon with your truck fleet.

Prior to the drivers hitting the road, they reviewed truck features and talked about fuel efficient strategies.  Of course, as a driver, there are elements outside of your control, like what you’re hauling.  But there are factors you can control.

Here are some of the strategies that Sharp’s drivers used during their #RACEto10MPG runs.  James Thorne and David Gooch, 9.9 and 11.2 mpg respectively, share their fuel efficiency tips:

  • Use Hills – James Thorne discussed using the hills on your route (and gravity) to get started after a stop.
  • Be Mindful of Where You Stop – At the same time, Thorne points out it’s helpful to stop on a hill, where you’re starting off downhill, once you get started again.
  • Trust Cruise Control – David Gooch mentioned in his debrief that the cruise control on the International C10 LT doesn’t lose power on the hills and adjusts speed according to the terrain.
  • Set Cruise, Avoid Breaking – Gooch suggests setting your cruise, not overriding it and not using brakes unnecessarily.

There are dozens of strategies you can employ to get 10 Miles Per Gallon out of your truck fleet. As you can see, there’s not one silver bullet, but a combination of small factors that work together to achieve this level of fuel efficiency.

We know it’s hard to believe the results, which is why we let serious customers take our C10 demo truck out on test runs.   Reach out to Patrick Mendenhall at 615-420-0862 if you’d like to take the C10 on a test run.