It is not uncommon for thieves to target truck terminals over the holidays as they know it is a good opportunity if there is no one there. Make sure that you take extra precaution to secure the trucks and items of value at your terminal. If your units do not have anti-siphon devices or locking caps, instruct the drivers not to fill the units at the end of the day. Make sure that all security alarms and security lighting is in working order. Walk the perimeter of the lot to make sure that security fencing is in good condition.

Move units and all other material such as pallets, tires, etc. far enough away from the fence so they cannot be used to climb on to get over the fence. Consider blocking the entrance and exits to the lot so units cannot be stolen. Throughout the four-day weekend assign management personnel to check the terminal randomly. Using a little prevention and common sense can deter a thief from striking your facility.

Originally Posted on the Idealease Safety Bulletin