Full article originally posted on School Bus Fleet.

In Kansas City the National Association for Pupil Transportation tradeshow was held on Tuesday, November 8. New offerings in the IC Bus line were on display including:

Over-the-air programming

Earlier this year, IC Bus launched OTA programming of engine control modules (ECM). OTA programming of the bus’ ECM is designed to enable the bus driver, technician, or fleet manager to utilize a mobile interface to initiate engine programming to approved engine calibrations. This procedure can be performed at the customer’s facility over a secure Wi-Fi connection. OTA is available for aftermarket purchase through IC Bus dealers for all IC Bus models, 2007 and newer, that are powered by Navistar proprietary engines. For new IC Bus school buses powered by Cummins engines, OTA will be available in early 2017.

Pre/post inspection tool

This semi-automated inspection tool is engineered to utilize IC Bus’ Diamond Logic software for quicker and more accurate pre- and post-trip inspections. The tool will be available in mid-2017.

New windows

The newly designed windows can minimize the effort needed to operate them and offer greater protection against leaking, according to IC Bus. The windows will be available in the spring of 2017.


60g/60g coated steel will change to 90g/90g coated steel on painted bus body panels, which leads to better corrosion protection, according to IC Bus. Customers can add this option to their buses in November 2016.

Gasoline-powered CE school bus

This bus is designed to make ownership more affordable and to provide easier maintenance for school districts and contractors. It will utilize Power Solutions International’s (PSI’s) 8.8L V8 gasoline engine paired with commercial grade transmissions.

Propane-powered CE school bus

The CE Series with PSI’s propane engine is designed to provide diesel-like performance with higher torque at lower engine speeds.

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