Reducing operating costs and improving fuel economy are important goals for every fleet. The new LT Series builds on the fuel economy advantages of previous models and represents the most fuel efficient on highway trailer that International Truck has ever built.

To improve aerodynamics, the new LT Series underwent comprehensive aerodynamic testing to refine its design. From computer simulation to 1/8th and full scale wind tunnel testing, coast down testing and real world field evaluation, the new LT Series has been ultrarefined. Design refinements include a new aero-contoured hood, fender, wheel opening and chassis skirts; an aerodynamically-enhanced three-piece front bumper; and contoured pedestal and hood-mounted mirrors. These improvements add up to reductions in wind drag and significant improvements in fuel economy.

With Industry-leading aerodynamics, combined with the latest SmartAdvantage powertrain technology from Cummins and Eaton, give the LT Series an impressive 7% improvement in fuel economy, making it one of the most fuel-efficient trucks on the road today.