A number of International dealers across the nation have reached out to various members of the Kyrish International team in Texas to ask “How can we help?”

Kyrish is working out the details so that folks who want to send help, can. We will share more information as we get it.

We’ve heard reports from several Kyrish team members. This update was provided by Jeff Kyrish late Monday evening:

First I want to say thank you to all of you for the thoughts are prayers for my family and employees!  I wanted to give everyone an update on how we are doing;

First and most important, all employees are safe and ok!! We have several employees that have flood or wind damage to their houses but everyone is ok.  The Houston locations are structurally fine.  There was very little wind in the Houston area but we do have flood damage, there is at least 24” of water inside our corporate accounting building and the waters are still rising.  Duane said he is going to try to get to the shop tomorrow if the waters go down enough.

Our Victoria branch is another story, we are missing 1/3 of the roof to building and 2 bay doors were blown in.  I spent most of the day today delivering food, water and supplies to employees.  We also secured the building by constructing two temporary walls to keep the looters out.  We are still without power or water in this city, but hope it will come back tomorrow.  They were working on the power lines down the street when I left to come back to Austin.  Again, thanks for thinking about us and reaching out. It looks like we will be ok.

Other reports confirm that Kyrish employees in the area are hunkered down in their homes and neighborhoods. Some have water coming into their houses, but at the moment they are safe.

Erick Creasey, a CIT truck salesman, arrived in Texas Tuesday evening, August, 29, with a friend and a boat to assist the LA Cajun Navy, a group organizing civilian help. Todd Wilson, a Fire & App salesman, has been deployed out of the City of Franklin to assist with swift water rescues.