International Truck puts drivers first in its latest design.

With driver retention continuing to be an ongoing challenge in the industry, International set you to create a truck that drivers will want to drive . Born out of its DriverFirst philosophy, the new International LT Series was developed using input from hundreds of drivers across the country. The result? A truck with better visibility, a more ergonomically designed interior, and enhanced driver-centric features that will improve the overall driving experience.

New features include:

  • An all-new customizable driver information display that makes important alerts more visible and allows fleets to tailor the information the driver receives.
  • An all-new HVAC system that provides best-in-class heating, cooling and defrost performance.
  • Redesigned doors and side windows that provide improved visibility and less wind noise.
  • An ergonomically-designed column-mounted gear shifter with intuitive control placement to keep a driver’s eyes on the road.
  • A redesigned lower center console that improves storage and provides drivers with more legroom.
  • Lowered and respaced exterior steps that provide improved entry and egress.
  • Standard LED headlamps that improve night vision, reduce downtime and CSA infraction.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-2-09-51-pmThe International LT Series, Navistar’s new “flagship line” of Class 8 over-the-road trucks, will be unveiled today in Las Vegas today ahead of the annual American Trucking Associations (ATA) conference.

Navistar executives said the new interior design of the LT Series is based on “extensive research with truck drivers,” especially on “500 points” where the driver and truck interact.

“To ensure the new LT Series is the most driver-centric Class 8 vehicle we’ve ever built, we gave drivers a voice in its design,” said Jeff Sass, the OEM’s senior vice president- sales and marketing, in a statement.

“Many of our customers tell us that their number-one challenge is attracting and retaining drivers which is why we put so much effort into understanding and responding to drivers’ needs,” he explained. “These improvements also contribute to increased driver ease of use that will boost the vehicle’s productivity.”

The truck also features “dramatically improved” aerodynamics as well, with 7% better fuel efficiency than International’s 2017 ProStar tractor model, the company said.

Navistar noted that the LT Series delivers a 3% improvement in fuel economy due to its aerodynamic benefits alone, with upgraded aerodynamic features including an aero-contoured hood, fender, wheel opening and chassis skirts and an aero-enhanced three-piece front bumper, while longer side extenders shorten the trailer gap.

Inside, the “highly ergonomic” cab space of the LT Series includes better elbow room, hip room and leg room for drivers, with a new “premium gauge cluster” that includes a “digital driver display” that offers up to 15 customizable digital gauges, while offering drivers real-time monitoring of fuel economy and other important alerts within clear line-of-sight.

Also, Navistar relocated the air horn of the LT Series back to its traditional “intuitive” position over the driver door in response to overwhelming driver feedback.

The LT Series also features “multiple safety improvements” according to the OEM, such as: standard LED [light emitting diode] headlamps to improve night vision; a column-mounted gear-shifter that allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road; a redesigned one-piece side window that provides clearer line-of-sight; and the Bendix Wingman Advanced Collision Mitigation system as a standard feature on every LT model.

Many of the truck’s new features were also designed to improve reliability and serviceability, as well as functionality, Navistar noted. For example:

The new single-canister after treatment system is not just 60% smaller and 40% lighter, but is also simplified for quicker servicing.
The new LED headlamps and fog lamps not only deliver brighter light and intensity, but also have tough new polycarbonate headlight lenses that protect them against breakage.

The cab wiring includes all-new harnessing and an in-cab power distribution module that is inside the truck, away from the elements.
All key service points under the hood, inside the cab and around the vehicle are ergonomically designed for easy access and servicing, and many components have been engineered with longer intervals between required maintenance.
The LT Series will be offered in multiple configurations, including day cab, 56-in. low roof sleeper, 56-in. high-rise sleeper, 73-in. high-rise sleeper and 73-in. “sky-rise” sleeper.

Several engine options will be offered with the LT Series. It is being launched with the new 2017 Cummins X15 engine, which has ratings of up to 500 hp in the efficiency series and up to 565 hp in the performance series. Another option is the the new 2017 Navistar N13 engine, which will be available in the spring and has an advanced fuel-efficient 13-liter design that produces up to 475 hp and 1,750 lb.-ft. of torque from a design that is 500 to 600 pounds lighter than traditional “big bore” engines, the OEM noted.

“The new International LT Series reflects our vision for the future of the trucking industry, with a host of advancements that support improved driver safety and productivity, as well as fuel efficiency and uptime,” said Bill Kozek, president of truck and parts for Navistar said in a statement. “This new vehicle reflects our strong belief that integrating the best technology will provide customers with a significant operating advantage.”