A properly performed Pre-trip Inspection will allow the driver to verify their vehicle is safe for driving at night and reduce the risks of getting stranded alongside the road! Here is some advice to consider before turning the ignition:

  • Properly aligned headlights will help you see the road better and prevent you from blinding oncoming drivers
  • Check that all exterior lights work properly – front and rear, brake lights, turn signals and high beams
  • Lighting must also be clean as dirty headlights can greatly reduce effectiveness
  • Ensure your windows are clean (inside and outside). Dirty windows can add to glare and impair vision, making it more difficult to see
  • Your windshield wipers must be fully functional as risks increase driving in bad weather at night
  • Check that there is enough windshield washer fluid in the tank
  • Adjust outside mirrors so that the bodywork of the vehicle is just outside of the driver’s view. Exterior mirrors that are properly aligned not only reduce blind spots, they also reduce glare from vehicles behind you

Originally Posted on Idealease Safety Bulletin