Mirrors: A Reflection of Safety

by Feb 23, 2022Idealease, News, Safety, Truck Driver Safety

The mirrors on your vehicles provide your driver with real-time information so they can operate the unit safely.

If the mirrors are in poor condition and or out of adjustment the lack of the information that they provide can contribute to or be the sole cause of an accident.  It always amazes me when I look at a fleet of trucks how many of them have damaged or out of adjustment mirrors.  Make a habit of checking the mirrors in your fleet at least once weekly to make sure they are adjusted and tight.  Getting in your unit after a driver returns from his/her route and looking at where the mirrors are adjusted will tell you whether your driver is using the mirrors properly for defensive driving.


Use of Mirrors

  1. A professional driver watches his mirrors nearly as much as he watches the road ahead.
  2. Vision is restricted when using mirrors.
  3. As a precaution, you should always check for traffic with and without mirrors.
  4. Proper adjustment of mirrors is essential in safe driving.
  5. To adjust mirrors accurately on a combination unit, the vehicle must be in a straight line. The driver must be in a normal position behind the steering wheel while adjusting
  6. Mirrors should be clean and without cracks
  7. Mirror heads and support brackets should be properly tightened to reduce vibration at the mirror head.
  8. Keep your eyes moving while you are driving!  Do not stare at any one object for more than two seconds.


Mirror Station

  1. If you have a room at your facility, I suggest that you consider making a mirror check station.
  2. The Mirror station requires that you have a flat level hard surface that is 30’ wide by 80’ long.
  3. Use white outdoor marking paint to make the station.
  4. Require drivers before starting their route to go through the station to make sure their mirrors are properly adjusted.
mirror stations

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