New Out-of-Service Criteria from CVSA

by May 31, 2023Idealease, News, Safety, Truck Leasing, Truck Rental

Annually, the CVSA’s changes to the existing Out-of-Service Criteria (OOSC) are approved in October and take effect the following April 1st; this year is no exception.

Here are the changes for 2023:

  • False Logs – Clarification is given as to whether a falsified log constitutes a violation or an imminent hazard.
  • Computer-Assisted Logs – ELD-exempt drivers who use a computer-assisted log will no longer be penalized for not printing that log out.
  • Drug Use – A driver will no longer be placed out-of-service for being under the influence of drugs more than 24 hours prior.

For the full details on the latest OOSC changes, see the CVSA’s document here. There’s also an excellent, in-depth explanation that includes the rationale behind this year’s changes in this article.

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