Origins of Cumberland Name and Core Values

Mar 14, 2023Alpha, Core Values, Employee, History, Idealease, News

Ever wonder where the Cumberland name and Core Values come from? Hear from CEO, Terry Minor on the origins.

History of Cumberland Name and Core Values

In picking a name, we picked Cumberland, which is the river that runs through the main part of the city [Nashville, TN]. I’m a veteran, so there’s a military aspect to Cumberland. When we were becoming a nation, Thomas Walker, in honor of Prince William Augustus, Duke  of Cumberland, gave the name to the city. In doing so, he represented the heritage that Walker had – which was around honor, readiness, victory and loyalty.. which to me represented what I wanted to accomplish with Cumberland when we put it together. When I identified those – Honor and how we honor the customer relationship. Readiness and how we make all of our resources available and how we prepare for the customer experience and Victory; when our customers wins we win, type philosophy. And Loyalty.. to gain more customer loyalty in how we address and keep our brand promise. And our brand promise is our access to technology, continuous improvement and flawless execution. 

– Terry Minor