On Friday, October 21, Ashley Hailston of Cumberland IC Bus in Nashville visited Putnam County School System to deliver about 150 books to be used in a summer reading program launched 3 years ago. In attendance at the book delivery:

  • Dr. Melissa Palk: Principle at Northeast Elementary
  • Kim Bradford: Transportation Supervisor for Putnam County Schools
  • Jill Ramsey: District and School Continuous Improvement Planning
  • Dr. Tammy Knipp: Operations Director and Putnam County Schools
  • David Dukes: Dispatcher for Putnam County Schools
  • Ashley Hailston: Cumberland International IC Bus Account Manager

The summer reading program has grown over 3 years to include 7 schools, 75 volunteer teachers and 1,000 kids.  Each week during the summer months, teachers load books into their cars and spend an hour in under-served communities in their school system reading to kids and allowing them to check out books for the week.

Cumberland donated copies of a book called Papa Doug Hauls Strawberries & Smiles by Leslie Jones. 

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