The NextGen C10 has completed it’s second demo run.

**Run Details**

The second run for NextGen C10 can be split into two legs. The first leg went from Middle Tennessee to Southern California roundtrip.  According to our telematics, the driver was able to achieve a 9.9 MPG average. The second leg of this driver’s trip was a north and south run starting in Middle Tennessee making stops in Ohio, Michigan, Georgia and finishing in Middle Tennessee. During the 2nd leg, the driver was able to achieve well over 8 MPG.

The 9.4 overall average can be credited to the driver spending 76% of his time in cruise control, maintaining a cruise control average of 9.12 MPG. What may even be more impressive is while the driver was in top gear 87% of the time, the truck averaged 10.61 MPG!  This proves the NextGen C10 is programmed to run its strongest where the driver is spending most of his time on the road.

See the MPG stats for Run 2 (Click Here).  See all MPG stats (Click Here).

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