According to an 11-category ranking system used in the 23rd Annual Highway Report by the Reason Foundation released on February 8, 2018, Tennessee ranks 12 in overall highway performance and cost-effectiveness. According to the report:

“Tennessee ranks 31st in fatality rate, 12th in deficient bridges, 7th in rural Interstate pavement condition, 9th in urban Interstate pavement condition, and 32nd urbanized area congestion.

On spending, Tennessee ranks 16th in total disbursements per mile and 24th in administrative disbursements per mile.

Tennessee’s best rankings are rural arterial pavement condition (5th), rural Interstate pavement condition (7th) and urban Interstate pavement condition (9th).

Tennessee’s worst rankings are rural arterial lane-width (39th) and urbanized area congestion (32nd).

Tennessee’s state-controlled highway mileage makes it the 17th largest system.”

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