The Cutting-Edge Electrical System Designed by You – Diamond Logic in Idealease Fleet Vehicles

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Your jobs have specific requirements; and together with Idealease you can build your fleet to meet any demand, so the work gets done correctly, efficiently, and safely.

When it’s time to order new trucks or replace your old Idealease equipment, we’ll work with you to take full advantage of the highly customizable Diamond Logic® electrical system from International®.

Widely considered to be the most advanced electrical system in the industry, Diamond Logic allows you to choose from nearly 200 automated tasks. It’s simple to spec out, easy to integrate, and works together with on-board diagnostics to monitor all major vehicle components.

Altogether, Diamond Logic gives you predictable performance and increased protection for your truck and your driver; all while increasing uptime.

What do we mean by automated tasks? Well:

  • Auto-neutral: Transmission cannot go into gear without seat belt fastened
  • Auto-restart: Engine turns on to charge batteries if voltage goes too low
  • Boom/Outrigger alarm: Sounds if equipment isn’t stored properly
  • Fifth wheel lock: Slide will not release above 10mph
  • Park brake alarm: Horn chirps if the park brake is not set
  • Power Take Off: Automatically disengages after reaching a certain speed
  • Rear-facing work light: Turns on when the truck is put in reverse

Even with that short list, you can see the value and understand the possibilities built-in to Diamond Logic. The system is programmed to your specifications and is simple for your driver to use with just a button on the key fob or with a press of a custom labeled, backlit LED switch on the dash.

Plus, it’s programmable! Let Idealease know what functionality you need, and together, we can create any custom task you can think of. Idealease are the experts when it comes to configuring your requirements using the Diamond Logic Builder software from Navistar®.

What happens a month or two down the road when you realize the need for a new function that makes your life easier? Simple. We can get your technicians certified by International to program Diamond Logic with new tasks and safety controls on their own, in the field, as you need them.

All told, Diamond Logic is a custom-tailored solution to any electrical convenience, task, or safety control you can think of. With Idealease, you can create a truck or fleet that is specific to the jobs you and your customers need it for; jobs that you can rely on to be completed flawlessly.

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