The HX Saved My Life

Jul 29, 2022HX, Mentions, News, Trucking

The gentleman on the left in this picture is Thomas Britt. He’s standing with Steve Jenkins (right) the Sales Manager at Cumberland International Orlando branch.

Mr. Britt was at the Orlando branch waiting while his truck was in the shop.  He went to our reception desk and said he wanted to talk to someone in management and express his sincere and heartfelt gratitude for the International trucks supplied to our Military in the Middle East from 2004 to 2008.

Thomas was a civilian maintenance resource for four years supporting our military.  He is a big fan of our HX product which was used by the military when he was serving. He had high praise for International trucks and took enemy fire while driving one of the HX’s.  An enemy round hit the frame rail of the HX and moved the truck sideways, but the HX kept rolling to its destination.

Mr. Britt was moved by the experience of thanking us for the service provided by International trucks.

We all hear from customers that aren’t happy and we hear from customers that like our trucks, but it’s rare to hear from someone that believes International trucks probably saved his life.

It was an honor to say thank you.. and to all of International.. I sincerely feel blessed to have been able to say thank you…I want everyone at International have pride in what you guys do.. you never know when your job made the difference and saved lives…” – Thomas Britt

Customer takes picture with sales manager, Steve Jenkins at Cumberland Orlando