3rd Run Details

The 3rd test run is different than any test performed with either demo truck thus far. The first customer wanted the truck back! He wanted to run the same routes at 68 mph (vs. 65 mph).

After hesitation, we agreed. And… the results turned out great!

In it’s third run (at 68 mph), the NextGen C10 had an overall average of 9.2 mpg during its 4,586 mile trip. This average is better than what we were able to achieve during Test Run 1 (9.1 mpg).

Driving Fuel Economy (9.29 mpg) and Top Gear Fuel Economy (9.71 mpg) were virtually the same as Test Run 1. However, the biggest advantage Test Run 3 had over Test Run 1 was the experience the driver(s) had this time. For instance, the same driver(s) were able to press the brake 94 less times on average over 1000 miles. In other words, the driver(s) utilized Predictive Cruise and let NextGen C10 do the work. Also, there were 0 sudden decelerations in Test Run 3 and the truck averaged 90% time in Top Gear vs 84% that we saw in Test Run 1.

Another reason the C10 outperformed its 1st Test Run, (even though it was running at a higher top speed), is because the NextGen C10 is still in the break-in phase. It’s getting stronger from a drivability and fuel economy standpoint.

This test was fun because the customer agreed to run the same routes, same driver(s) if we bumped up the speed from 65 mph to 68 mph.. Compare Test Run 1 and Test Run 3 to see full results and comparisons.

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