Top 10 Reasons to Buy an International HV Series Truck

Oct 28, 2020HV, International, Navistar, News

Productivity often comes down to versatility. And there’s no more versatile foundation than the International® HV™ Series. With configurations ranging from 4×2 to 8×6, BBCs of either 107″ or 113″ and set-forward or set-back front axles, plus a clean Cab-to-Axle (CA) configuration — the HV Series has what you want for virtually every possible need.

1. PROVEN POWERTRAIN OPTIONS The HV Series offers power options from both Cummins and International. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the Cummins® B6.7 or the Cummins L9, and big bore power from the International® A26. All power options are backed up with competitive warranties and industry-leading service from the largest commercial truck service network in the country.

2. A FLEXIBLE FOUNDATION The HV Series offers chassis configurations ranging from 4×2 to 8×6 with set-forward or set-back front axles for virtually unlimited vocational capabilities. Simplify upfitting with available clean cab to axle configurations and custom frame piercing, and ensure seamless body-chassis integration with the Diamond Logic® electrical system.

3. DIAMOND LOGIC Boost your productivity with the International® Diamond Logic® electrical system. Utilize over 200 preprogrammed tasks and safety interlocks to protect equipment and operators. Work with our experts to build custom logic in the field specific to your needs with Diamond Logic Builder.

4. ACTIVE SAFETY TECHNOLOGY Available Bendix® Wingman® Advanced™ and Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ collision mitigation systems with active safety technology help avoid collisions, roll-overs, and loss-of-control situations. The HV has standard air disc brakes (ADS), which provide improved braking performance and reduce maintenance requirements.

5. IMPROVED VISIBILITY The HV Series offers excellent driver visibility from every direction. Optimized lateral visibility with one-piece side windows, reshaped door glass with lower bottom edges and repositioned cab mirrors so drivers turn their heads less, reducing neck strain and fatigue.

6. ADVANCED CORROSION PREVENTION The HV Series is supported by International’s decades of experience in state-of-the-art corrosion prevention technology, manufacturing practices and validation. Features like reduced joint count, fewer mechanical fasteners, no cab piercings after primer and the use of weld-through epoxy sealant all help to ensure long-term structural integrity.

7. DRIVERFIRST™ INTERIOR The spacious DriverFirst™ interior is designed around proper ergonomics for a safe and productive driving experience. A roomy cab with available premium instrument cluster virtual gauges, and a best-in-class HVAC system help reduce stress, ensure comfort and improve driver retention.

8. INTUITIVE DASH DESIGN The HV™ Series’ instrument panel and dash design is based on extensive driver feedback and testing. Switches and controls are designed to be operated with gloves and positioned based on frequency of use. Gauge fonts and colors are chosen for visual clarity under all lighting conditions and designed to mitigate stress.

9. INNOVATIVE STALK SHIFTER Easily actuate shifting and engine braking without taking your eyes off the road with our re-designed column-mounted shifter. The Stalk Shifter
is available with Eaton UltraShift® PLUS or Advantage™ Series automated transmissions and Allison automatic transmissions

10. VERSATILE CAB OPTIONS The HV Series provides the versatility of a regular cab, extended cab or crew cab. Ingress and egress is aided for all cabs with wide-opening doors, evenly space cab steps and properly positioned grab handles. So, whether you need additional storage, or the ability to accommodate a crew of six, the HV Series has you covered.


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