TruckWingsTM Active-Aerodynamics Available on the 2019 Cumberland International C10, the Most Fuel Efficient Class 8 Truck Available in North America

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REDWOOD CITY, CA (February 22, 2019) – TruckWingsTM speed-sensitive aero panels, that eliminate the tractor-trailer turning gap, have been added as an optional spec for the 2019 model year of the Cumberland International C10. Based upon a custom configured International LT, the C10 is optimized to achieve the goal of 10 miles per gallon fuel economy. The C10 was first developed beginning in 2013, and has seen improvements year over year as Cumberland has encouraged customer feedback and continued to engage with OEMs and suppliers. The addition of TruckWings to the C10 for 2019 closes the last major aerodynamic deficiency on a tractor-trailer, improving on-highway fuel efficiency by as much as 4%. This increase helps to make the 2019 C10 the most fuel-efficient version yet offered by Cumberland.

The lightweight TruckWings panels and control module are installed by Cumberland, and require no driver interaction to use. As speed increases, the TruckWings panels automatically deploy from the back of the cab and close the gap between the tractor and trailer, delivering streamlined aerodynamics, fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions. When the truck slows down, the panels automatically retract, allowing the trailer clearance required for maneuverability in turns. Additionally, in high winds, TruckWings greatly reduces the buffeting that’s caused by turbulent air hitting the face of the trailer. Drivers can feel the improvement in windy conditions and report smoother rides with less lane drift. When combined with the full aero package on the C10, TruckWings contribute to make up the most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient Class 8 truck available for sale in North America.

“We’ve focused a lot of our efforts in creating the C10 on enhancing the aerodynamics of the truck. In our goal of offering a product to our customers that can deliver real-world fuel economy of 10 mpg, we’ve benefitted from starting with the industry-leading International LT. But, it’s been the dedication of our team and the partnership we’ve seen from the OEM and aftermarket suppliers that has allowed us to deliver on the promise of efficiency while developing a proprietary spec for the truck, worthy of it’s own name. ” Stated Cumberland International’s Patrick Mendenhall. “However, trucks don’t earn any money without moving freight, and it’s therefore necessary to look at the tractor and trailer as a unit to continue to improve fuel economy. Aerodynamic improvements don’t require major technology changes, but until TruckWings became available, there was no solution for closing the tractor-trailer gap. The gap’s required for turning, but a literal drag on the vehicle the more than 90% of the time it’s driving. With the addition of TruckWings to the C10, our customers can automatically improve the efficiency of their routes, regardless of the trailer they may be hauling.” Continued Patrick.

“Cumberland is pushing fuel economy to another level with their C10 truck and that’s exciting to us as we are all about fuel economy. We are thrilled to partner with them to fix the final unaddressed area of fuel economy: the tractor-trailer gap. Fleets told us they wanted to fix this – but didn’t want to add more things for the driver to do, or create another area of high maintenance. So we engineered TruckWings to automatically tuck away at low speed into the less exposed area at the back middle of the cab, far from curbs and behind the existing cab extenders. On the highway the wings deploy streamlining your truck to save fuel and reduces buffering from crosswinds.” said Daniel Burrows, CEO of XStream Trucking, makers of TruckWings.

Cumberland is accepting orders now for the 2019 C10 featuring TruckWings, for deliveries in early Q2 and beyond.

About XStream Trucking:

Established in 2014, XStream supplies active aerodynamics to the long-haul trucking industry. Its flagship technology, TruckWingsTM, automatically closes the tractor-trailer gap, reducing a fleet’s fuel bill without requiring additional actions by the driver or any trailer modifications. Founded out of Stanford University, XStream has won awards in several DOE competitions including National CleanTech Awards and CalTech’s FLoW competition. TruckWings are currently running on dozens of carriers, including several of the nation’s largest fleets. For more information visit: .

About Cumberland International Trucks:

Cumberland International Trucks, part of the Cumberland Companies, is an International Trucks dealer located in Nashville, TN. As a leading dealer in the region dedicated to the success of their customers, in 2013 they embarked on the development of a high-efficiency spec Class 8 tractor, especially tuned for the region’s road and travel conditions. By working directly with International Trucks and various component supplies, Cumberland was able to develop a spec they dubbed the C10, denoting their goal of achieving 10 miles per gallon on average. The success of the C10 and resultant value it has added to their customers’ fleets has encouraged them to continue improvements year over year. Find our more about the C10 at:


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