Vote for Cumberland! Finalist: WIT’s Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation

Jun 7, 2022Mentions, News, Trucking

Cumberland has been named a finalist for the “Top Companies For Women to Work For in Transportation.” 


The industry voted for the top companies that embody important attributes required to be a “Top Company for Women to Work For in Transportation.” Below are nearly 100 nominated companies that have made the final cut based upon the following criteria:

  • Corporate culture that’s supportive of gender diversity
  • Flexibility in hours and work requirements
  • Competitive compensation
  • Quality benefits (i.e., paid maternity leave)
  • Training, continued education and development
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Well-maintained/safe equipment & facilities for drivers
  • Other factors

Please only vote once but encourage your colleagues and industry network to participate (Note: only one vote per device will be allowed). Voting ends June 30. The official list of top companies will be notified confidentially in early July.

Cumberland’s Submission

“Cumberland International Trucks is a family owned company that focuses on keeping a positive and healthy company culture to ensure a safe work environment for women. We promote diversity, teamwork, work/life balance and currently have multiple female directors, managers and supervisors. We are committed to continuous growth and offer career development opportunities, leadership networking and development along with continued education for women. We also support local charities, like End Slavery Tennessee, that directly benefit women in our community.”