RH Series

The most agile regional haul truck to hit the streets.
Designed for regional haul and delivery applications with excellent visibility and maneuverability and a focus on uptime.

  1. Built for Maximum Uptime – maximizing uptime to keep drivers where they want to be. On the road.
  2. Great Visibility and Manuverability – With impressive front and side visibility paired with a tight turning radius, the RH Servies is perfect for negotiating city streets, alleys and loading docks.
  3. Best-In-Class Driver Features – Providing the right features to ensur drivers are as comfortable and safe as possible


The A26 engine offers up to a 5% improvement in fuel economy. Combined with aerodynamic and drivetrain improvements the RH Series offers up to 6% overall improvement.


Allowing you to haul more payload and increase revenue.

RH Series - International Truck NashvilleUPTIME

  • Easy access fuse panel with gutter around the panel protects electronics from spilled liquids
  • All new BIC HVAC system
  • Laser etched text on steering wheel controls
  • Cab wiring includes all new harnessing
  • Driver controls and instrumentation
  • Key interior fasteners are exposed for serviceability
  • A new single canister after treatment system
  • Hood opens wide for easy serviceability
  • Easily removable 3 piece bumper
  • Three bolts to replace new pedestal mirrors
  • Standard LED headlamps last longer

RH Series - International Truck NashvilleRH Series - International Truck Nashville


Tight Turning Radius

Outstanding maneuverability – You need optimal maneuverability to navigate through crowded city streets or cramped loading docks.  The RH Series is engineered to provide an inside wheet cut of up to 50 degrees which delivers a curb to curb turning radius of only 27’10”, saving driver time and boosting productivity.

Great Visibility

Forward visibility is among the best at as little as 21′. This means objects are more visible to the driver, improving safety.


Reducing Interior Noise

  • RH is a quieter cabin
    • Improved Wind Noise
    • Improved Door Sealing
    • Insulated flooring
  • The new RH design resulted in a 4 sones wind noise reduction over ProStar
  • Critical components affecting wind noise were optimized
    • Side glass (vent window eliminated)
    • Door seal
    • Pedestal mirrors

Unparalleled Driver Appeal

  •  Redesigned one-piece side window affords the driver a clearer line of sight.
  • A more powerful HVAC system delivers better defrosting and demisting.
  • An all new interior offers an improved ergonomic design, including better elbow room, hip room and leg room.
  • The all-new premium gauge cluster offers monitoring of real-time fuel economy and provides other important alerts in clear sight.
  • Switches are grouped by frequency of use to make them more intuitive to find.
  • New displays assure every instrument is readable in any type of lighting.
  • Horn cord was relocated back to its traditional, intuitive position.
  • Entry and exit of the cab is easier than ever.

Longer Service Intervals