Here’s our 8th run update from Jarit Cornelius, VP Maintenance/Compliance at Sharp Transport, who we partnered with on the #RACEto10MPG.

We are excited share the results. 

We at Sharp Transport, Inc. are proud to announce the RACEto10MPG results!

David Gooch ran a combined 5,599 miles crossing through 10 states and was able to sustain a remarkable 11.21 mpg.

David not only exceeded the chase for 10, he blew it out of the water. We all knew after his first run that he had set himself up for some amazing numbers, but nobody expected these results. David did a great job in paying attention to every detail involving his driving habits with optimal cruise control utilization being one of the biggest factors. “Just letting the truck run as it’s designed to do” is how he attributes the success.

83% cruise control allowed the truck to stay in top gear 89% of the time which alone achieved a 12.34mmpg average.

The Bendix Fusion allowed him to keep his foot off of the brake pedal to ensure a low RPM average of 1,067.  David stayed in constant communication with Jarit Cornelius, James Thorne, Patrick Mendenhall and Matt Smart for day-by-day telematics reports so he could be sure he was doing everything he could. Any small adjustments that were needed with his daily routines were then able to be determined ahead of time, as opposed to waiting until it was too late.

It gives us a lot of confidence here at Sharp Transport, Inc. knowing the capabilities of these technologies. Partnering with Cumberland International continues to be a very easy decision for us. Having a business partner that understands our culture, our drivers, and the importance of uptime for our customers’ satisfaction is invaluable. This equipment improves our driver retention, lessens our total cost of ownership and provides us the ability to continually challenge what’s possible with fuel efficiency.

Jarit Cornelius
Vice President Maintenance/Compliance
Sharp Transport, Inc.

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