Before we started the 9th C10 test run, I asked our customer to put a driver in the C10 demo truck that was NOT his best driver. I wanted to prove the C10 would make a bigger impact on new or less skilled drivers than a company’s best drivers.

For example: Raising a driver’s MPG average from 6.5 MPG to 9.5 MPG has a bigger improvement to a company’s bottom line than a driver who averages 8.5 MPG and achieves 9.5 MPG.

Our theory was correct; the 9th test run ran better than our expectations. The test run was over 10,938 miles running roundtrip to Indianapolis to Atlanta. The overall fuel economy was 9.32 MPG and averaged 10.06 MPG while in top gear.

However, as expected, the driver did not make it easy for the C10 to excel. The 9th test run only ran 29% in cruise control which is by far its lowest average. Also, the service brake actuations per 1000 miles averaged 414, which is the highest amount of times the driver’s foot hit the brake per 1000 miles on any of our test runs. These numbers do not tell the entire story. With more coaching and driver training, this driver could substantially raise his MPG average and quickly become one of the best drivers in his respected fleet.

Overall, I think most fleets would take a driver who averages 9.36 MPG over 10,000+ miles. Check out the rest of the ECM image on our link!

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