Benefits of Switching to Electric

Feb 7, 2023Industry, Industry News, International, Navistar, News, Press Release, S13, Truck


Switching to electric trucks can offer a multitude of benefits for your business, your customers, and the planet. In a few short years, electric trucks will make up a much larger percentage of the vehicles on the road. And while the thought of making the transition to electric can be daunting, our eMobility solutions team is ready and waiting to help walk you through the entire process – from securing available government grants, to choosing and installing the appropriate charging equipment needed for your International® eMV™ Series. Let’s take a look at why switching to electric could be the right move for your business.







There is no question that EV’s are better for the planet.  Electricity generation is rapidly moving away from coal-burning plants toward much cleaner natural gas plants as well as renewable sources including solar, wind, geothermal and hydro.  This switch in power generation will mean much less greenhouse emissions released into the atmosphere – not to mention particulate matter like soot.  Another, less talked about benefit is the reduction of noise pollution.  Cities and their citizens appreciate quiet neighborhoods – whether in a green suburb or concrete jungle.  Electric motors offer a welcome reprieve from the noise of gas and diesel engines accelerating from a stop or powering up a hill.  When all the the benefits of electric-powered vehicles are considered for municipalities, city managers may be more likely to hire contractors that use electric vehicles to meet sustainability goals as well as reduce noise levels in neighborhoods.










Driver Comfort

Who doesn’t want to spend their working day in a quiet, smooth environment? Electric trucks provide a tranquil cabin that makes it easy for drivers to concentrate on the road. Plus, quiet power makes it easy to communicate with others at the worksite – like from an elevated bucket to workers on the ground. Plus, there’s no learning curve that must be mastered before driving. In fact, International® Truck has engineered the eMV™ Series to perform in a similar fashion to that of the diesel-powered MV™ Series.  The only technique drivers should become familiar with in order to maximize range would be utilizing regenerative braking. Also referred to as “one pedal driving” – this feature slows down the truck when the driver lifts their foot off the accelerator. The regenerative braking system takes over, and instead of using the brakes, the system slows the vehicle while sending supplemental power to the batteries.  In the eMV there are three levels of regenerative braking (or the system can be turned off altogether – good for coasting downhill, for example), allowing the driver to choose the mode they feel most comfortable with.  This feature is perfect for stop-and-go driving and has the added benefit of extending the life of the standard brakes. You only need the standard brakes to bring the vehicle to a complete stop.





Lower Maintenance Requirements

Electric vehicles offer an additional benefit compared to diesel-powered vehicles by making maintenance a much simpler task. Aside from wear items like tires, electric vehicle service intervals tend to be extended much further than an equivalent diesel-powered truck.

Here is a quick list of SOME of the items you don’t have to worry about:

    • No engine oil maintenance
    • No transmission maintenance
    • No fuel filters
    • No turbos, no EGR, no injectors
    • No engine air filters

Working Together to Make the Switch

International® Truck’s eMobility Solutions team can help customers plan, execute, and optimize zero-emission vehicles and investments for the entire lifecycle of your eMV. They will help you design scalable, end-to-end solutions using what we call the 5 Cs:



We guide you through route simulations, operational plans, grant applications, and more.



We help you find the perfect charging options, infrastructure, and service plans.



We make sure our International® eMV™ trucks match the same quality standards as our other truck products.



Using OnCommand® Connection, we give you a way to keep tabs on the health of every last truck in your fleet.



We also provide several environmentally-friendly options for your battery’s end of life.