On Thursday, November 17, Steve McCarley, our Sales Manager at Cumberland Tractor was featured on Fox 17 News on a segment covering the effects of the drought in Tennessee.

Around minute 1:30, Steve McCarley says, “I’ve been in this industry about 40 years, this is the worst drought I’ve seen in my lifetime. Ponds are at their lowest. All the streams are drying up. It’s time for rain.  Their [farmers] expenses are up, so, their scared to buy, they’re just going to hold off till the droughts over.”

While the drought is having an impact on the agriculture industry, we’re seen an additional effect here at Cumberland.  I spoke with Renee Hudson, who oversees Cumberland Fire Apparatus & Equipment.  The fire service team is seeing no shortage of opportunity to service fire trucks!  We are seeing some logistics issues to make sure trucks remain up and running.  For example, a truck that’s out fighting the fires can’t make it to our garage.  Our mobile team is rising to the challenge, however, and traveling where they are needed to keep fire trucks fighting fires, especially those spurred by the dry conditions.