Today’s culture seems to be all about staying busy and getting things done. While this isn’t always a bad thing, how can you possibly relax when every day consists of juggling work, tackling that next big project at the house, taxiing the kids to and from school, football practices, birthday parties and the doctor’s office, staying in touch with friends and family, making time for date night with our significant others, getting roscoe or princess to the vet, working out, grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking dinners,  all while attempting to keep up with the notifications, appointments, calendar reminders, text messages, phone calls, and emails that constantly bombard us? With these never-ending priorities, obligations and distractions, when in the world can you make time to slow down? Just writing that paragraph heightens my anxiety level a noticeable amount!

I want to challenge each of you (myself included) to take advantage of the upcoming holidays by allowing yourself the space to hit the pause button on the fast pace of the daily grind and carving out time to simply catch your breath, reflect, and count your bountiful blessings- And I’m not just talking about the monetary ones. This will help recharge your spirit, confidence, energy level, positive attitude, and sense of clarity – all essentials for greater health and success.

If you’re like me, you are a goal-oriented, hard-charging professional that finds it difficult to slow down. We tend to be focused on the next goal, next sale, next project, next result… We seldom stop to smell the roses, enjoy our victories, look back at our progress or count our good fortunes. Take time this Thanksgiving to truly give thanks. You will be thankful you did.