IC Bus Electric CE Series

Sep 22, 2023Bus, Industry News, News, Tennessee

The Electric CE Series features a 100% electric powertrain mounted on the tried-and-true CE platform. In fact, this revolutionary bus includes all the functionality and safety features that school districts everywhere know and love—it just happens to be electric.

The school bus is the perfect candidate for electrification. With consistent routes and a central parking depot, electric buses can easily make both morning and afternoon runs, and charge overnight (or, if needed, during the middle of the day). Zero tailpipe emissions mean cleaner air for the kids to breathe and a quiet operation allows drivers to have an easier time hearing what’s happening in the seats behind them or on the streets around them. Perhaps most appealing for school districts with fixed annual budgets is the fact that the turnkey reliability and minimal maintenance requirements of electric buses minimize the likelihood of unplanned expenses and breakdowns.

Ryan Harris, IC Bus Regional Sales Manager, demonstrates many of the features that make the Electric CE Series the perfect solution for school districts.