All, as many of you know, over the course of several years, the Cumberland International Fleet team has been striving to produce a truck that gets 10 miles per gallon. That project yielded a truck we call the C10.  The C10 has been on demo runs around the county dozens of times over the past years.  Each run has pushed Cumberland closer to smashing that 10 MPG barrier. The last several weeks have been exceptionally exciting and successful!

Over the past month, we partnered with the folks at Sharp Transport and undertook a drive campaign (#RACEto10MPG) pairing our International C10 LT truck with Sharp’s expert drivers. The results for the second drive are in. 

David Gooch, a veteran driver at Sharp, ran a combined 5,599 miles through 10 states and sustained a remarkable 11.21 mpg.

I don’t have to tell anyone reading this post what breaking this barrier means to the trucking industry.  What breaking this barrier will mean for fuel-efficiency and our environment. What breaking this barrier does to impact everything we at Cumberland strive to do, everyday. (Provide world-class service to our customers. Use all available resources to address customer needs. Enable our customers to win. And foster loyalty to grow the Cumberland community.)

In case you’re just hearing about this project, you can see run stats and trip details for all C10 demo runs and the entire #RACEto10MPG campaign at these links.