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Jun 15, 2021Fleet, Florida, Industry News, International, Murfreesboro, Nashville, News, Parts

Free to you, OnCommand Parts Information powered by RepairLink delivers a complete electronic parts ordering system online.

Not only do you have access to our dealership pricing and inventory availability, you can view illustration and technical diagrams, making navistar.reparilinkshop.com a valuable resource to you.

OnCommand Parts Information

  • Free! No subscription required
  • VIN-Based Search
  • No Navistar login required (Contact Cumberland for details)
  • New Intuitive design
  • Smart Device Enabled

With Repair Link

  • Search and Purchase Aftermarket Parts
  • Order Online 24/7 with Cumberland
  • View Best-In-Class Part Illustrations and  Technical Diagrams
  • Get Real-Tim Online Order Updates
  • Use on Your Mobile Devices


  1. Go to Navistar.RepairLinkShop.com
  2. Click on “Shops Register Now
  3. Complete Registration Information
  4. Search / Add CUMBERLAND as Your Dealer
  5. **We Get You Set Up in Back End This Can Take a Few Days**
  6. Return to Site, Login, Search for Parts, Order!

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