Know before you go…

While some people think preventative maintenance starts with the service team in the shop, it actually starts with the driver, every day, and before every shift.

A thorough pre-trip inspection can identify the first hint of a problem with your vehicle. Finding problems early can prevent major repairs, downtime, or even worse, accidents in the work place. Whether you are an over-the-road driver or driving a yard spotter across a lot to move a trailer, a proper inspection is key to keeping your truck running.

There are three basic sections you should divide your inspection into while looking at your truck:

  1. Checks while your truck is off
  2. Checks while truck is running, and
  3. Checks after the hood/cab is latched and locked down

Don’t become complacent and checking off the paperwork just to get through the task. ACTUALLY CHECK!  If you notice any irregularities, report them right away.


For a step by step inspection checklist

Download Checklist