The Race to 10 MPG is getting great coverage. Here Sharp and Cumberland’s partnership is highlighted in an article on HDT.

“Last year, our annual special June fuel issue focused on the question of how feasible it was to hit 10 mpg in real-world operations, not a million-dollar concept SuperTruck. This summer, a couple of initiatives are putting that to the test.

This week, Cumberland International has teamed up with Sharp Transport in a drive campaign to hit 10 mpg with its C10 demo truck. We’ve written about the C10 program before, where the Tennessee dealership specs out a truck with all the best fuel-saving options they have to offer and let fleets try it out for free to see how the specs work in their operations.

Sharp Transport is sending two drivers out in Cumberland’s C10 LT demo truck. The drivers will complete the same route to see who can average 10 mpg through several states and back to Middle Tennessee. Over the next four weeks follow udpates for the Race to 10 mpg by following Cumberland and Sharp Transport on Facebook. They will be sharing pictures, route updates, mpg stats and video along the way.

The race started Friday with the first driver, James Thorne. A professional driver for nearly 17 years and with Sharp for almost 11, over the last 2 years, he has sustained an impressive 8.5 mpg average with 3% idle and 53% cruise control utilization.

“The plan here is to push the fuel efficiency envelope,” explains Jarit Cornelius, Sharp VP of maintenance and compliance (and an HDT 2016 Emerging Leader), hoping to break the 10 mpg barrier for the first time. “There is a friendly competition between our drivers to see who is able to sustain a 10 mpg average or more during their two-week course. We couldn’t be more excited about it!”

On a larger scale, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency and Carbon War Room will kick off its Run on Less program in just a couple of weeks, on Sept. 6. Run on Less is a three-week event that wraps up during the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle Show, which will run from September 25 to 28 in Atlanta.”

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