UPNEXT Trucking by International has teamed up with the folks over at Transport Topics to launch a new podcast focusing on the future of the trucking industry. For anyone with a stake in the future of the trucking industry, this is a must listen!

From the creators of the award-winning Transport Topics, Road Signs is a podcast about trucking’s future. In each episode, you’ll follow a transportation journalist on the singular pursuit for the most solid answers to a critical question and meeting interesting people along the way.

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Episode 1 Synopsis from RoadSigns:

“In this episode, we set out to answer a question – what does the move toward autonomy mean for the truck driver? To get that answer, Transport Topics Managing Editor, Features, Seth Clevenger, approaches two people at the forefront of developing this technology who are responsible for driving this movement despite representing two very different paradigms: one, the OEM engineer; the other, the Silicon Valley upstart. With his engaging interview style, the journalist provokes each to comment on the topic and answer the core question directly. The result, for you, is a fast-paced, novel look at what’s really happening with automation in trucking.”

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You can also find ROADSIGNS on Apple Podcasts.