Did you know that Capacity manufactures the SAFEST yard truck in today’s market?

They’ve tailored their trucks for the driver’s safety and comfort, while simultaneously building an extremely DURABLE, long-lasting vehicle. Here’s how:

  • Solid Steel Cab – Capacity offers 360 degrees of driver protection against overhead hazards or in the event of a crash with a cab made of 100% solid steel. Other yard truck manufacturers use fiberglass and plastic.
  • Several Brightly Colored Points of Contact – Capacity Trucks come standard with grab handles and steps in precise locations that prevent over-reaching, making it easy to maintain three points of contact at all times reducing slips, trips and falls.
  • Full Grating Between the Frame – One of the most dangerous tasks on a yard truck is hooking and unhooking trailers. Capacity has reduced this risk by providing solid steel grating from the back of the cab all the way to the 5th wheel to provide extra stability and help prevent drivers from slipping or tripping when hooking or unhooking the trailer connections.
  • Pre-Trip Inspection – Capacity has made doing daily checks a breeze by putting all of the fluid checks in one, easy to access place. The driver does not have to lift the cab or crawl around to check fluids on the truck reducing the risk of injuries and saving time.

Preventing STFs are more than common sense. They usually are the result of strict company policies and engineering controls with the ultimate goal of hazard elimination.

Find out how you can identify and eliminate the hazards, by reading more from Zurich Risk Management HERE.

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