Female Truck Drivers – Challenges and Resources

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Women In Trucking

Female truck drivers currently make up just 8% of the professional driver workforce, but their ranks are growing fast. In the years to come, you can expect to see more women in trucking industries across the board, from local and regional driving to long-haul and specialized driving. All of that said, getting the requisite training to become a truck driver can present unique challenges for women.


Men and women alike are drawn to careers in the trucking industry for the same reasons — among them growing competition among employers for skilled drivers, and the pure and simple freedom of the open road.

So, what factors make things more difficult for women in trucking schools? Just for a start, many training facilities lack designated facilities for women and don’t employ any female truck drivers as instructors. As a result, many women in trucking training programs find it harder to establish mentorship relationships and to feel like they’re a part of the community. Connections are crucial for career advancement, factors that can lead female truck drivers to give up on the profession more often.

The good news? Although the industry is trending towards more inclusive training opportunities for women, S.H.E. Trucking is tackling these issues head-on.


“Sisterhood Helping Empowerment,” or S.H.E. Trucking, is a minority- and woman-owned trucker training organization established by professional driver Sharae Moore in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The training school is part of the organization’s broader effort toward dissolving the barriers for women in trucking. They offer career pathways and mentorship opportunities to help women to earn a commercial trucking license and establish and advance their careers within the industry. Along with career development, training at S.H.E. Trucking focuses on technical knowledge and practical behind-the-wheel driving experience.

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