It’s here! The CV is rolling out today!

The International® CV™ Series – the only class 4/5 truck designed, distributed and supported by a manufacturer that specializes in commercial trucks.

The CV is designed for any vocation that requires commercial-grade power and strength. Talk to Josh about it today.

The CV Series includes commercial-grade features like a heavy-duty, gear-driven transfer case, a single, high-strength frame rail, an available air ride rear suspension, a forward-tilting hood with easy-to-reach maintenance points, 700 ft-lb of reliable torque and a long list of details only found on a true commercial truck. And best of all, the CV Series is supported by the largest commercial dealer network in the industry with more dedicated truck bays and diesel technicians than anyone else. Smart, capable and strong, the CV Series is ready to take your business to the next level.

For those who are ready to take the next step with their business, reach for the next rung, expand their capabilities and open up new possibilities, introducing the International® CV™ Series. It’s the only class 4/5 truck designed, distributed and supported by a manufacturer that specializes in commercial trucks. This means the largest commercial dealer network with more dedicated truck bays and diesel technicians than anyone else. It’s designed for upfitting with a straight frame and a wide range of wheelbase options plus a DriverFirst-inspired interior with exceptional visibility, excellent maneuverability plus ride-and-handling that’s second to none.

The CV Series—ready when you are.

CV Truck – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is 4×4 available at launch? Yes, a 4×4 is available at launch.
  • Will the International CV have any options that GM does not? The grille, badging and trim options are unique between the vehicles.
  • Is a rearview camera available? Yes, a rearview camera is available.
  • Will the Diamond Logic® electrical system be available on the CV Series? The Diamond Logic® electrical system is being considered as a future enhancement.
  • What paint color options are available on the CV cab? The CV Series has the same options of color as our other International trucks.
  • Is there multi-plex wiring? The CV Series has multiple multi-plex circuits. Diamond Logic multi-plexing is not available at this time.
  • What is the Max GVWR of the 4X4? Max GVWR on the 4×4 is 22,500 lbs.; on the 4×2 is 22,940 lbs. New tires expected December 2018 will increase GVWR to 23,000 lbs. max on 4×4 and 23,500 lbs. on 4×2.
  • Why is the 4×4 GVWR less than the 4×2? Front axle on 4×4 is 7,500lbs. On the 4×2 it is up to 8,000lbs.
  • Will OnStar be available on the CV Series? OnStar is not available on the CV Series.
  • Are side air bags available? Side air bags will be available in the future.
  • What transfer case does the 4×4 have? A Meritor gear driven transfer case.
  • Will stability control be available? Stability control will be available in the future.
  • What is the ground clearance for the transfer case? The minimum ground clearance is 8 inches to the skid plate.
  • Will an extended cab be available for the CV Series? An extended cab is not offered.
  • Will gas or LP engines be available? The CV Series is available with a diesel engine. 
  • What rear axle (gear) ratios are available on the CV Series? On 4×2: 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, and 4.88. On 4×4: 4.30.
  • What type of braking system is available on the CV Series? The CV Series comes with hydraulic brakes.
  • Will a pickup bed be available on the CV Series? A pickup bed is not available.
  • What type of exhaust configurations are available on the CV Series? Multiple options for a horizontal configuration. Vertical exhaust is not available.
  • Is there adequate room for a PTO/Pump combo? Yes, however not all combinations have been tested.
  • Are there multiple PTO mount options available? Right side mount is available. Left side mount should be available Spring 2019.
  • Is a transmission lock-up for fire pump application available? Third gear lockup is available for use with an auxiliary transmission.
  • Will there be NFPA compliant specs added for Emergency/Fire/Rescue Applications? Limited at launch, but planning to add NFPA features in the future.
  • Is the grille stationary? The grille is not stationary.
  • Can the wheelbase be modified from long to shorter? We have numerous wheelbase offerings.
  • Can you get a 5th wheel from the factory for camper and horse trailers? The 5th wheel is not available at this time.
  • What is the minimum wheelbase we offer? 4×2 day cab: 141 inches. 4×4 day cab: 165 inches. 4×2/4×4 crew cab: 175 inches.
  • Will vinyl/leather or similar seats be available? Vinyl seats are available with Classic trim, and cloth is required with Diamond trim. We are investigating the option for leather seats.
  • Will this truck have the 445 Horsepower and 910 LB. FT. Torque? Commercial ratings are not the same as Chevrolets class 2/3 with Duramax. Chevrolet will have the same HP/torque as the CV Series in class 4/5/6.
  • Will there be a secondary AC compressor for ambulance application? A secondary AC compressor is not available from factory, but can be accomplished with the TSC (Truck Specialty Center).

CV Service and Warranty – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I order service parts for the CV Series? Follow the normal process for ordering parts.
  • Can International dealers perform warranty work on a 2019 Chevy chassis cab? International dealers submit warranty on International products. Chevy submits warranty on Chevrolet products.
  • Are extended service contracts available? Yes!
  • Is there going to be a Preventative Maintenance Program for the CV Series? Yes, in the coming months as the Preventative Maintenance Program is refreshed, we will launch a program for CV.
  • Please speak to your sales person for warranty options!

CV Spec Summary

BIC 22,900 lbs. GVWR
6.6L V8 Diesel (350 HP, 700 ft-lb) Engine performance
Car like Driver comfort
BIC Straight Rail Frame
Integrated snow plow accommodations
Clean CA with standard CA’s for existing Bodies
BIC OEM Air Ride Suspension
BIC Standard/easy access DEF tank/fill location
BIC Tilt hood for Serviceability
BIC Engine mounted air compressor
SWB , High GVW Wrecker package
138” CA Day Cab Roll off capability (2 vehicles vs 1)
BIC Gear Driven T-Case
Pickup truck NVH
Diesel durability/Fuel consumption


CV Warranty Summary

Base Chassis Warranty: 3/36k
Base Engine Warranty: 5/100k
Transmission Warranty: 5/Unlimited



Use the CV with any of the following vocational applications!

Utility \ Dry Van \ Service \ Tow \ Roll-Back \ Ambulance \ Dump \ Plow


The CV™ Series is powered by one of the most rugged, trusted and thoroughly-tested engine/transmission combinations in the industry.


WITH 700 ft-lb of torque on tap, the CV Series has the muscle to pull, haul and carry the heaviest of loads.

– 350 HP, 700 ft-lb of torque
– Optional engine-mounted air compressor
– Diesel exhaust brake
– Remote Start with key fob – include antitheft deterrent system
– Optional 120v/800-watt block heater


As the largest manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions, Allison has a long and proven history in commercial trucks. It’s a transmission you can trust to help you take care of business.

– Legendary reliability and strength
– Available PTO (Power Take Off) capability to run auxiliary equipment 1000/2000 series
– Available vocation codes include: Highway Series (HS), Rugged Duty Series (RDS), Emergency Vehicle Series (EVS), Motorhome Series (MH)


For demanding applications that require access to challenging job sites

– Meritor gear-driven transfer case—more durable than chain-driven
– Heavy duty front axle


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