Cumberland Tractor & Equipment held a Watermelon Day on August 10th for customers and employees. Everyone was treated to a free locally grown watermelon. It was a HUGE success! Customers were excited about taking home a fresh watermelon.  The smiles were contagious as you can see from the pictures!

The watermelons were grown by farmers located in Robertson County, TN. Orlinda Fresh is the cooperative of Jepson Farms, Pearson Farms, and White Family Farms. These family farms have deep roots in Kentucky and Tennessee agriculture.

All family members were on deck to make this new venture happen. The youngest generation of farmers have been working hard at farmers markets promoting Orlinda Fresh including at Simpson County Farmers Market, Franklin Farmers Market, Hendersonville Farmers Market, and local Orlinda businesses.

The next time you are at Walmart you may see a box of the best locally grown watermelons!

It is our pleasure at Cumberland Tractor to support local farms and be able to share a taste of Tennessee with our customers.