As we are drawing near to the holiday season it is time to remind drivers of the exposures that exist in parking lots as they make deliveries and pickups. This holiday season pay special attention when operating in a parking lot and observe the following advice: The exposure exists for a vehicle accident as well as being involved in an accident as a pedestrian. Parking lots at this time of the year can be especially dangerous for drivers making deliveries or just stopping for lunch.

  • Wear your seatbelt – even low speed collisions can throw you around the cab of your truck.
  • Obey all traffic signs such as Stop and Yield.
  • Drive slowly and use your turn signals and headlights – make sure your vehicle is seen and watch for distracted motorists who do not see you coming.
  • Obey traffic lanes and do NOT drive diagonally across lots (watch for cars cutting diagonally across lots).
  • Slow down for speed bumps as not to injure yourself or damage your cargo.
  • Use delivery driveway entrances for customers that auto traffic is not likely to use.
  • Beware of motorist who are lost or distracted looking for specialty stores that are not frequented.
  • Be extra careful at entrances and exits – motorists stop suddenly and for no apparent reason – tailgaters often end up in rear-end collisions, and rushing while turning into access road or side street traffic can also lead to collisions.
  • Be especially careful in lots that contain Post Offices, package stores and other locations where people are prone to dart in and out hastily in a hurry to be on their way.
  • Be extra careful during peak times when reckless drivers may speed through lanes while trying to get a “better spot” closer to the shops.
  • These drivers often circle the lanes nearest to their store – parking away from stores may make a longer walk, but prove less dangerous from a vehicle collision standpoint. Some drivers are on the “hunt” for an ideal parking spot and may drive erratically – watching for open spots rather than watching where they are driving!
  • Lock your truck at all times when not attended. Parking lots are very busy and are often targeted by thieves.

The first parking lot in the world was created in Fort Wayne, Indiana. No doubt it was created just in time for holiday shopping.

This article was originally posted to the Idealease Safety Bulletin.