Freezing Air BrakesSub-Freezing Temperatures Wreak Havoc

This time of year can add up to costly inconveniences and down-time. The freezing temperatures are hard on trucks and other equipment. A little bit of preventative maintenance can mean the difference in continued up-time and hours spent thawing and repairing essential systems like air brakes.

“Winter can be really tough on the components of air-braked systems,” said Keith McComsey, BSFB director of marketing and customer solutions with Bendix. “There’s added moisture on the roads in the form of snow and ice, and it’s often mixing with salt or corrosive chemicals used to keep highway clear. Conditions are ideal for the kind of corrosion that poses a serious hazard to safe brake operation and highway safety.”

Also critical for vehicle operators to keep in mind as cold weather approaches: adding alcohol to unfreeze brake components may solve an immediate problem, but alcohol can damage seals in the air brake system, requiring additional unexpected service. Bendix does not recommend using alcohol in air brake systems under any conditions.

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